Researcher Position at University of Ruhuna

Researcher Position at University of Ruhuna

Looking for an extraordinary research opportunity in Marine Sciences and Oceanography? Look no further! The China Sri Lanka Joint Centre for Education and Research (CSL CER) at the University of Ruhuna has a fantastic Researcher position to offer. 🚢

📅 Five-Year Assignment

This position entails engaging in coastal water and atmospheric observation and data analysis projects for five years, starting from September 2023. There’s potential for an extension based on performance and funding availability.

🌊 Responsibilities: A Thrilling Challenge

As a Researcher at CSL CER, you’ll be responsible for conducting research projects, organizing coastal water cruises, operating unmanned vessels, maintaining air-sea flux towers and observation instruments, and liaising with University and government staff under Director supervision.

🎓 Qualifications: Setting the Bar High

Candidates should be under 35 years of age with a strong academic background in Marine Sciences, Physical Oceanography, Hydrology, Meteorology, or related disciplines. Preference given to those with Postgraduate qualifications and proven track records in offshore research projects.

💰 Attractive Remuneration

The remuneration package is impressive! Rs. 70,000.00 per month for B.Sc qualified researchers, and Rs. 85,000.00 per month for those with postgraduate qualifications (MPhil or M.Sc.).

🌏 Global Exposure: Training in China

CSL CER offers a unique opportunity for continuing training! The employee will receive training in China for two weeks per year, with CSL CER covering the training fee, stipend, and international flight expenses.

📝 Application Process

To apply, send your application to the Director, CSL CER, University of Ruhuna, Wellamadama, Matara, or via email to [email protected]. The deadline is 10th August 2023.

📞 Need More Info?

For clarifications, contact the CSL CER office at TP: 041 2244 111. Don’t forget to send a soft copy of your application to this [email protected] email address! and visit

🌊 Dive into a World of Research Opportunities

Don’t miss this chance to explore the depths of coastal water and atmospheric research! Join CSL CER, a hub of innovation, and unlock your potential in the world of Marine Sciences. 🌊

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