Certificate in Business English at University of Colombo

The Certificate in Business English is a course designed for those who are in employment or seeking employment and looking forward to successful careers as executives and managers. The course aims at developing language skills needed in the modern day business environment. It comprises three levels – Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced. A placement test held prior to the course determines the proficiency level of each student and places them at the appropriate level.

Each level covers the four components reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition components of grammar and vocabulary are built into each module. The modules are thematically arranged and contain tasks which deal with the theme.

The communicative element in the modules aims mainly at building confidence and fluency in spoken English. The students are taught language needed for conducting presentations, negotiations, facing interviews and telephone skills. The writing component of the course provides the students with the opportunity to be aware of the writing styles used in the modern day office. The students are taught the formats and the language structures of business documents such as letters, memos and reports. The vocabulary pertaining to the theme of the modules and relevant listening and grammar activities complete each module. A variety of teaching approaches and state of the art technology is used in order to deliver the course content.

The assessment tasks comprise a listening test, a written assignment, an oral test and a final written examination. Students are required to get through each testing component in order to successfully complete the course.

Objective Of the courses

To enable the participant to gain confidence in English at the place of work in

  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Expressing oneself at conferences and meetings
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Dealing with customers etc.

The Certificate in Business English will be for those

  • Employment or Seeking employment
  • Looking forward to successful careers as executives
  • Managers, etc.

The course will be at three levels.

  • Level 01 – Preliminary
  • Level 02 – Intermediate
  • Level 03 – Advanced

Each level will cover the four components
Reading, writing, listening and speaking in each unit.

The units include

  1. Communication Skills such as
    • Building confidence and fluency in spoken English
    • The language of meetings
    • Telephone skills
    • Negotiation skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Facing and Conducting interviews
  2. Writing skills
    • Using modern Business English
    • Improving style and clarity
  3. Grammar and vocabulary for Business English

The participants will be assessed on

  • An oral presentation
  • A listening and written assignment
  • A Project Proposal
  • A Final examination

Candidates who are successful at all of the above will be awarded a certificate from the University of Colombo

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