M.Sc. Degree in Physics Education at University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Physics plays an important role in all aspects of life and is undoubtedly the route to intellectual enlightenment in relation to the physical world.In addition to its well known applications in numerous fields, Physics provides a logical and conceptual framework useful in understanding natural phenomena and processes.

Exposing students to physics at early stages therefore will help them to have a proper insight into the physical world. This however cannot be achieved without the active involvement of properly trained teachers who are well versed in principles of Physics as well as those of Education.

Academic discipline that covers both these aspects is referred to as Physics education. The Department of Physics wishes to address this problem and proposes to commence a Postgraduate Diploma /M.Sc. programme in Physics Education under the Board of Study of Physical Science of the Faculty of Graduate Studies to fill this lacuna.


Objectives of the proposed postgraduate programme are to produce secondary school Physics teachers and other educators in Physics who will be

  1. Having a sound knowledge of Physics based on concepts as well relevant aspects of Education.
  2. Competent enough to upgrade their knowledge in new areas that will be added to the Physics curriculum from time to time,
  3. Having general idea of philosophical aspects of Physics and recent developments and trends in physics.
  4. Competent in using mathematics, computers and microprocessors as tools of teaching of Physics.
  5. Sufficiently motivated to use the knowledge of Physics in design low cost equipment for Physics laboratory studies.
  6. Sufficiently matured to identify and design projects that would develop skills and competencies in the student and supervise them.
  7. Knowledgeable in modern evolution methods
  8. Capable of recognizing the usefulness and limitations of Physics and appreciate its appreciates its applicability in other disciplines and everyday life.
  9. Capable of developing skills and attitudes in students that will be of long term value in increasingly technological world rather than focusing on large quantities of factual material which will have only short term relevance.
  10. Capable of motivating students to use the logical thinking process acquired by studying Physics in addressing other issues.

Entry qualification
Graduates of recognized universities who have offered Physics as a subject are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to those who are in the teaching profession or allied professions.

For more information contact:

Dr. P. Geekiyanage
Head- Department of Physics,
Telephone: 0112758363 /011275835 / 0112758357
Email : geekiyan(at)sjp.ac.lk or headphysics(at)sjp.ac.lk

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